Display the Most Recent Assessment Columns with QuickLoad

When you have several assessment columns, QuickLoad can help you display only the most recent, relevant columns. QuickLoad maximizes visual workspace by hiding the columns you don't immediately need to see at a given time, and it improves load times by reducing the system resources that would otherwise be used to load multiple columns. You can choose to show columns either from the most recent day you added them or based on a number of previous days you specify.

  1. Click Settings at the upper-right corner of TeacherPlus.
  2. In the QuickLoad area of the Settings dialog box, do one the following:
    • Click theoption 1 Day (faster loading) to display only the columns from the most recent day since you added columns.
    • Click the Days option, and either leave the option at 10 days or enter the number of most recent days you would like to display assessment columns.

      The number of days set for this option is relative to the last day you added columns. For example, imagine you set the option to 10 days. If today is February 25, but the last day you added assessment columns was February 10, only assignments dating between February 1 and February 10 will be shown.

    QuickLoad Settings

  3. Click OK.

    When QuickLoad is enabled, columns are always sorted by date in ascending order.

  4. Log in to TeacherPlus again to activate QuickLoad.

When QuickLoad is enabled, date control options appear on the far right side of the screen under the navigation menu. The date range appears with the most recent date on the left. This order corresponds to the order the columns are displayed. The following diagram and table explain the main control options of the QuickLoad navigation.

QuickLoad Controls

  QuickLoad Control Features (See Diagram Above)

Click the blue date link to change the date range: In the Specifications: Load Columns dialog box, configure a desirable date range, and then click OK.

Date Range Control

B Navigate to the next or previous date range relative to the range you're currently viewing. For example, if you specify a date range of 10 days, these buttons take you to the previous or next 10 days.
C Navigate either to the newest or oldest date range, regardless of which date range is currently displayed.
D Reset the QuickLoad navigation to how it was displayed when the gradebook was initially loaded.
E Load all columns in the marking period.

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