Hide or Sort Score Columns

When it's that time of the semester or quarter when you have created many assignments, hiding and organizing certain score columns can save you time. You can not only focus solely on the assignment columns you need but also choose how you want to view them.

Temporarily Hide or Unhide a Score Column

To hide a Score column:

  • Right-click the column, and then click Temporarily Hide Current Column = (the column name).

    Hide Score Column

To unhide a Score column:

  1. Right-click at the top of any Score column to display more options.
  2. Click Unhide Selected Score Columns, and then click the Score column you wish to show.

    Unhide Score Column

  3. To unhide all Score columns you have hidden, right-click any Score column, and then click Unhide All Score Columns.

Sort Score Columns

  1. Click View on the navigation bar to display more View options.

    View Tab

  2. Click Sort Columns to display the Sort Columns dialog box.

    Sort Columns

  3. In the Sort Columns area, click the option by which you want to sort the columns.
  4. In the Sort Order area, click Ascending or Descending, depending on how you want the columns to be sorted.
  5. Click Sort Now to load your selections.

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