Select Header Rows for Score Columns

When you've created Score columns for your class assignments, quizzes, or exams, you can choose which Header Row labels to display for the Score columns (for example, Name, Category, or Possible Points). By selecting only the Header Rows you need, you'll free up some space and be able to view more students at a time. You can also show multiple statistics in the rows, such as Mean, Median, and Standard Deviation.

  1. Click View on the navigation bar to display the View menu.
    Column Templates
  2. Click Header Rows.
  3. In the Header Rows dialog box, select the check box for each Header row you want displayed.
    Header Rows Dialog Box

    The Name row is the only row that must be selected. If you choose to display statistical information, click Tools > Maintenance > Recalculate Statistics upon entering new scores to ensure your statistical data is always up to date.

  4. Click OK to load your changes.

You can temporarily hide or unhide all Header rows and only have the Name row displayed. Click the arrow button Header Row Arrow Button beside the Name row. This feature can be especially useful when you need to view more students on the screen without zooming. For example, if you're grading and only need to know the name of the assignment, viewing only the Name row allows you to identify the assignment while simultaneously displaying more students on the screen to expedite grading.

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