Choose which Gradebooks are Visible to You

At the beginning of a new marking period, you may want to customize TeacherPlus Gradebook to simplify your workspace. Depending on your school's current semester(s), quarter(s), or marking period(s), you can display relevant gradebooks and hide gradebooks from previous terms.

  1. Click View on the navigation bar, and then click Gradebooks.
  2. In the Gradebooks dialog box, select each check box that applies to the gradebook you wish to make visible.
    View Gradebooks
  3. To change the title of a gradebook, type the new name in the Display As column corresponding to the gradebook.

    The Display As name you enter appears anywhere the gradebook name is displayed, but the name won't be used for reports.

  4. Click OK to save your changes.
  5. To view a list of the gradebooks you've selected, click Gradebooks on the navigation bar.

When all of your gradebooks refer to all-year classes, selecting to view all gradebooks is convenient because you'll be dealing with the same classes throughout the entire year. However, when classes meet only for a certain quarter or semester, selecting to view only the classes that are relevant to that time period may be better.

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