Enter and Submit Lunch Counts

Using the Lunch Count feature, you can enter students' lunch preferences right from TeacherPlus, and submit them to the main office. The process involves enabling the Lunch Count feature, selecting a predefined lunch code for each student, and submitting the information to the office. By helping track students' lunch selections, you help the cafeteria prepare only the necessary number of each dish, which helps save resources.

For lunch counts to work in TeacherPlus, your TeacherPlus administrator must configure the feature in AdminPlus.

  1. Click Settings at the upper-right corner of TeacherPlus.
  2. In the Lunch Count Settings area (at the bottom of the Settings dialog box), select Turn On Lunch Count Entries, and click OK.

    Enable Lunch Counts Entry

    Upon enabling the lunch counts, the Lunch column appears beside the attendance (AT) column.

    Lunch Column

  3. In the Lunch column, enter lunch preferences for a student in either of two ways:
    • Click a lunch cell corresponding to a student to cycle through lunch codes.
    • Right-click a lunch cell corresponding to a student, and select a lunch code.

    Lunch codes are predetermined by your school.

  4. To submit the lunch counts to the main office, click Lunch: Submit.

    When lunch counts have been successfully submitted the Lunch column displays Lunch Counts Submitted.

  5. To make any changes to lunch counts after you've submitted them, click Unsubmit at the top of the Lunch column, make the necessary change, and then click Submit again.

To get a quick glimpse of all lunch count totals for the gradebook that's currently open, click Lunch Counts at the top of the Lunch column.

Lunch Counts Glimpse

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