Generate an Attendance Report

You can easily generate and print an attendance report that includes absences and/or tardies for a time frame specified by you.

  1. On the Reports tab, click Attendance, and then click Class Attendance Report.
    Reports Tab
  2. In the Print Which Boxes area, select the check box for Absences and/or Tardies, depending on which type of attendance information you want to display on the report.
    Attendance Report Settings
  3. Select the start and end dates to be included in the report.
  4. In the Report Layout area, select a page orientation option.
  5. Optional: In the Page Customization area, select whether to display a header only on the first page of the report.
  6. Click OK.
  7. To print the report, click the print icon Print Icon at the upper-left corner of the report window.
  8. To return to the report settings, click Settings at the upper-left corner of the report window. After customizing the settings, click OK, and then click Generate at the upper-left corner of the report window to generate a new report.

At the upper-left corner of the report window, you will also find buttons to browse the report, print the report, or save the report to your computer in common formats (for example, PDF). Zooming for the report can be adjusted at the bottom-right of the report window.

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