Make a Score Column Public or Private

You can choose to make a Score column public or private when or after you create it. Public columns, and their scores, will be visible to students and parents on PlusPortals (if your school has it). In contrast, Private columns will be visible to you only.

Before making a column public or private, consider the following:

  • Public or Private Score column settings are only relevant if your school uses PlusPortals to share classroom information with parents and students.
  • Private columns don't count in averages. You can check how many columns are counting in the averages at the upper-left corner of TeacherPlus.
    Counting in Averages
  • Your TeacherPlus administrator determines whether new columns are made private or public by default.
  • It's strongly recommended that you keep Score columns private until after you have entered and verified scores for all of the students in the class. If you share the column before entering scores, parents can see them, including any errors you may make, as you are typing them.
  • Students can only see their own public scores on PlusPortals. Authorized contacts of the students can only see what the students see.

To make a column public or private after you create it, do the following:

  1. If the column is public (indicated by the public icon Public Column), click the icon Public Column to make the column private.
  2. If the column is private (indicated by the private icon Private Column), click the icon Private Column to make the column public.

To make a column public or private while you're creating it, see the topic Add or Remove Assignment Categories.

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