Create and Color-Code an Assignment Category

If enabled by your TeacherPlus administrator, you can create new assignment categories and change their color code. This feature provides you the opportunity to have any additional assignment categories (for example, "Extra Credit") that may not be available by default from your TeacherPlus administrator.

  1. Click Grading on the navigation bar.
    Grading Menu
  2. In the Gradingmenu, click Add/Weight Categories.
  3. In the Add/Weight Categories dialog box, click Add New Category.
    Add/Weight Categories

    From the Add/Weight Categories dialog box, you can also delete categories that are not currently in use. Click Delete Button in the Delete column for the category you want to delete.

  4. In the Category dialog box, click one of the three options to set where the category is going to appear. Category Dialog Box
  5. Name the category in the Category text field.
  6. Enter the category's weight value in the Weight text field.
  7. Select a color for the category from the Color list.

    Any future assignment associated with this category will inherit this color.

  8. Click Save.
  9. Click OK.

If you need a category (for example, "Homework") to have a different weight in a new quarter, create a similar secondary category, and give it a different weight. For example, you could create a category titled "Term 1 Homework" with a weight of 15, and name the other category "Term 2 Homework" with a weight of 10. You can also hide the old category in the Add/Weight Categories dialog box by selecting the Hide check box beside the column. To learn more about setting grade weights, see the topic Set a Grade Weight.

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