Copy an Assignment Column to Other Gradebooks

If you teach several sections of the same course, it's very likely all sections share many of the same assignments. You can easily copy an assignment to all of your other gradebooks or just a selected few, saving you time and the monotony of having to create the same assignment over and over again. You can also choose to copy an assignment with or without any of the scores it currently has.

  1. Double-click the heading of the assignment Score column to be copied.
  2. In the Edit Column Name & Details dialog box, click Copy Column.
    Edit Column Name Details Dialog Box
  3. Click one of the Copy Column To options, depending upon how you want to copy the assignment. Copy Colmn Options
  4. If you want to copy the assignment to specific gradebooks, click the Selected Gradebooks option, and then click More Button .
  5. Select the check box for each gradebook where the assignment will be copied to, and click OK.
  6. Click Copy, and then click OK.

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