Add or Remove an Assignment Score Column

When adding an assignment or test, there are a variety of options you can specify, such as assignment type, maximum possible points, and whether or not the assignment counts in averages. When removing columns, you can remove one specified column or multiple columns at a time.

Add an Assignment Score Column

  1. Click ColumnAdd Assignment Buttonbelow the navigation bar to show the Add Column dialog box.

    Add New Column

  2. Click one of the Add To options, depending on where you want the assignment to be added. You can the assignment to the current section gradebook, all section gradebooks of a course, all gradebooks, or selected gradebooks only.
  3. Name the assignment and add a description.
  4. In the Category drop-down list, click an assignment category.
  5. Enter the maximum possible points for the assignment.
  6. Optional: Enter a column weight into the Column Weight box (if your TeacherPlus administrator has enabled this feature).

    When you weight a column, both the points earned and the points possible are multiplied by the weight. For example, a student may earn an 80% on a 10-point quiz and also an 80% on a 100-point test. You can then weight the test column as a "2" and the quiz column as a "1," which makes the test count twice as much as the quiz, even though 100 points is not twice as much as 10 points. It is recommended to choose No (Recommended) for this feature because students have an easier time understanding the "what you see is what you get" grading method (that is, total points earned divided by total points possible).

    Entering a weight of "0" disables a column from counting in the average.

  7. Do any or all of the following (depending on which options your TeacherPlus administrator has enabled):

    • Select the Lock Column check box to prevent any editing to the column, including entering grades.
    • Select the Count in Averages check box if you want the assignment to be included in the overall average of all assignments.
    • Select the Shared (Public) Column check box to share the assignment and its score with parents. Clearing this check box makes the column private.

      It's important to select this check box in order for the assignment to count in averages. Only public columns count in averages.


      Imagine that a student has a public score of 90 percent and a private score of 70 percent. In PlusPortals, the parent would see a public score of 90 percent and an average of 90 percent. However, if the private score of 70 percent counted in the average, the parent would see an average of 80 percent and only the public score of 90 percent. Because the parent doesn't know that the private score of 70 is counted in the average, it could lead to problems.

    • Select the Add to PlusPortals as Homework check box to post the assignment in the Homework panel in PlusPortals.

      Adding homework to PlusPortals can only be done when creating the column. However, you can edit the other check box selections by double-clicking at the top of the Score column.

    • Click Link Skills/Standards as Homework to link skills to the assignment, and select the skill check boxes you want.

      Skills Dialog Box

  8. Optional: To add a homework assignment you had created in the previous school year, click Add Columns From Previous Year at the bottom of the Add Column dialog box.
  9. Click OK to create the assignment.
  10. To edit the assignment later on, double-click at the top of the assignment's Score column.

Remove a Specific Assignment Score Column

Method 1

  1. Right-click the assignment Score column to display a shortcut menu.
  2. Click Current Column, and then click Delete.

    Delete Assignment Column

  3. Click Yes to confirm the warning.

    Only unlocked Score columns can be deleted. If a column is locked, double-click at the top of the column to display the Edit Column Name & Details dialog box, and clear the Lock Column check box.

Method 2

  1. Click Tools on the navigation bar.

    Tools Menu

  2. In the Tools menu, click Remove Column.
  3. In the Remove Columns dialog box, select each check box corresponding to the assignment column you want to delete.

    Remember, the columns you select to delete refer to individual assignments and not to assignment categories.

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