Add a Gradebook Column

Add a gradebook column to quickly reference specific information without editing a template. Gradebook columns consist of narratives, exams, averages, semester/final columns, comments, marking period points earned, and category averages. You can also add demographic columns to view information about your students. Adding a column to the gradebook creates a new custom template.

To add a column to a gradebook, do either of the following:

  • To add a standard gradebook column, right-click a student's name, click Select GB Column, and click the desired column from the shortcut menu.

    Add GB Columns

  • To add a demographic column, right-click a student’s name, click Select DB Column, select a field from the Available Fields list, and then click Select.

    Add DB Columns

Next Steps

To display your gradebook with these selected gradebook columns at a later time, save this format as a new template. For more information on saving template views, see the topic Save Current Layout as a Template. If for any reason you no longer need a specific gradebook column, just remove it. See Remove a Gradebook Column.

This topic was last updated on May 10, 2019.

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