Print or Display a Seating Chart

After you create a seating chart, to make it easier to view, you can expand it to fill the browser window and adjust the size of the student grid. You can also print the seating chart to PDF or paper. This allows you to save the chart outside of TeacherPlus Gradebook and gives you the option to take attendance by hand.

  • Click Attendance > Seating Chart on the side navigation menu, or click Seating Chart Icon, and then click the Seating Chart tab.

    Seating Chart View/Print

      Seating Chart View/Print Commands
    A To Zoom Out click Zoom Out Icon, to set Normal View (100%) click Normal Zoom Icon, to Zoom In click Zoom In Icon. The active zoom level is highlighted in green. This zoom function is independent of your browser zoom.
    B To Print Seating Chart, click Print Icon.
    C To Expand Seating Chart, click Zoom Out Icon.

    To save the seating chart as an image you can Expand Seating Chart Zoom Out Icon and then press Alt + Print Scrn. This will save the window to your clipboard; from there you can paste it into paint, documents, etc.

This topic was last updated on May 10, 2019.

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