Grading Menu Features

The Grading menu contains settings and information that determine how your gradebook functions. The settings available to you may vary depending on how your Gradebook Administrator has configured permissions in the TeacherPlus Management Site.

View Grading Details

  Grading Details
A Scores tab: You can view score names, codes, shortcuts, and values.
B Score Annotations tab: You can view a list of all annotations, and then you can click Default Annotations or User Defined Annotations to view only the annotations in those categories. You can also add new annotations. For more information on adding annotations, see Add Score Annotations.

Grade Scale tab: You can view the grade scale set on the TeacherPlus Management Site. The table includes the grades and their respective cut-off values.

If you have a number grade scale, the scale doesn't appear on the Grade Scale tab because the number has no conversion, but if your administrator has set a letter grade scale, the scale appears. For example, a 76 is always a 76 on the number grade scale, but a 76 could be a C or a C+ on the letter grade scale.


Weighting tab: Depending on permissions set in the TeacherPlus Management Site, you can view available weighting settings and assignment column categories. You can also customize your assignment column categories and add new categories. If you don't have access to any of these options, you can consult your Gradebook Administrator. For more information, see How Weighting Works.

E Averages tab: Depending on permissions set in the TeacherPlus Management Site, you can view and edit available marking period weighting settings. For more information about the Averages tab, see Customize Semester and Final Average Weighting.
F Drop Scores tab: You can drop scores from a category or from all categories. If you've already dropped scores, you can undo previously dropped scores. For more information on dropping scores, see Drop the Lowest Score in a Marking Period.

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