View Student Information in TeacherPlus

With the Student Snapshot feature, you can quickly view information for a particular student, including demographics, parent contact information, class attendance, assignment and exam scores, and a bar graph analysis of scores. The most convenient part about this feature is that it only takes one click to access it.

View Student Information in the Snapshot

To access the Student Snapshot, do the following:

  • In the Name column of your current gradebook, click a student's name to open the Student Snapshot for that student.

    The One moment please overlay appears as the snapshot loads and then appears as a dialog box.

    Student Snapshot

    You can click the e-mail addresses in the Student Snapshot to send an e-mail to a specific recipient, or you can click E-Mail all contacts to send a multi-recipient e-mail.

Navigate the Student Snapshot Screen

To navigate the Student Snapshot screen, do any of the following:

Task Action
See information panel details. Click Expand Icon at the upper-right corner of any information panel.
Change students.

Click the arrows on either side of the student's photo.

The Student Snapshot changes to the previous or next student in the current gradebook.

Search for a student.

Enter a name in the Student Name box located at the upper-right corner of the Student Snapshot dialog box.

As you type a name into the Student Name box, the drop-down list displays matches from the current gradebook.

Close Student Snapshot. Click Close (X) Iconat the upper right corner of the Student Snapshot dialog box.

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