Delete a Student

If a student has been withdrawn or inactivated in AdminPlus, you can delete the student from your class's gradebook, as long as the student doesn't have any graded assignments or attendance in the gradebook. This feature is useful during the beginning of the marking period when students are switching courses before schedules are finalized.

To delete a withdrawn or inactivated student:

  1. Right-click a student's name, and click Delete [LastName, FirstName] from the shortcut menu.

    Delete a Student

    If the student doesn't have any scores, grades, or attendance in the gradebook, the Confirmation dialog box appears. If the student has any scores, grades, or attendance, the Warning dialog box prevents you from deleting this student.

  2. In the Confirmation dialog box, click Yes.

If a withdrawn or inactivated student has graded assignments or attendance in your gradebook and you only want to view active students, clear the Include withdrawn check box. For more information, see Include Withdrawn Students in Your Gradebook .

Include Withdrawn Check Box

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