Score Column Commands

Using score column commands, you can set columns to public or private, locked or unlocked, and even to hidden (temporarily).

Score Column Commands

Score Column Commands

Lock a column: Click Unlocked Column Button to change the lock setting to Locked Column Button. Click again to revert the column to unlocked.

Locked columns can't be edited. This is useful for assignments you've finished grading. Locking completed columns can prevent accidental changes.


Make a column private: Click Public Column Button to change the column visibility setting to Private Column Button. Click again to revert the column to public.

Private columns aren't shared on PlusPortals and don't count in students' averages. This is useful for assignments you haven't finished grading.


Hide all other students: Right-click the row of the student whose grades you want to keep visible, and then click Show Only[LastName],[FirstName](Hide allothers).

Display all students: Right-click a student's row, and then click Show All Students.


Hide a score column: Right-click any cell in the score column you want to hide, and then click Temporarily Hide Current Column.

Display score columns: Right-click any cell in a score column, and then do either of the following:

  • Click Unhide All Score Columns.
  • Click Unhide Selected Score Columns, and then click the desired column from the shortcut menu.

If you've hidden every score column and can't access the Unhide [All / Selected] Score Columns options, click Reload to restore all score columns.

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