Select a Gradebook and a Marking Period

You can navigate the TeacherPlus Gradebook using easily accessible menu options. From the side navigation menu, you can switch gradebooks. Once you’ve loaded a gradebook you can make sure you are in the correct marking period, view marking period details, and change the gradebook marking period.

Select a Gradebook

  1. On the side navigation menu, click Gradebooks to view the Gradebooks menu.

    Change Password

  2. Click a gradebook from the list to load it.

    The open gradebook is emphasized by a green left border.

Select a Marking Period

  1. In the current gradebook, next to Current MP, determine which marking period you're in. For more information, click Info Icon to view each Marking Period and the related Start Date.

    Marking Period

  2. In the View MP list, select a marking period.

    The Current MP row’s text turns red to warn you when View MP isn't set to the current marking period.

    Incorrect Marking Period

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