Change Your Password

In the event that you need to change your TeacherPlus Gradebook password, you can access the change password page from any gradebook. The interface will check your new password’s strength as you type it, making sure it meets minimum security requirements.

  1. On the top navigation bar, click Welcome: [Your Name], and then click Change Password.

    Change Password

  2. On the Change Password page, enter your current password into the Current Password box.

    Confirm Password

  3. Enter your new password into the New Password box. This password must contain the following:

    • At least one lower-case letter
    • At least one upper-case letter
    • At least one number
    • A minimum of eight characters
  4. Enter your new password into the Confirm Password box, and then click Change Password.

    Failure to create a new password can be the result of any of the following conditions:

    • The New Password and Confirm Password input don’t match. A New Password and Confirm Password do not match warning appears.
    • The New Password doesn't meet one or more of the security requirements. The unfulfilled requirement(s) are marked by red text.

    Once any issues are resolved, click Change Password.

This topic was last updated on August 09, 2017.

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