Include Withdrawn Students in Your Gradebook

When students are withdrawn from your class, they are hidden from your class gradebook. You can change this setting at any time and in any gradebook. You can also change the font color of withdrawn students.

Include Withdrawn Students

To include withdrawn students in your gradebook, do the following:

  • In the current gradebook, below the gradebook columns, select Include withdrawn.

    The withdrawn student(s) appear in either red or gray, which you can set based on your preference.

    Include Withdrawn Students

    For each gradebook, you can find the number of withdrawn students in parentheses next to Include withdrawn. This setting only applies to the current gradebook. If you want to include withdrawn students in another gradebook, you can select that gradebook from the Gradebooks menu and select Include withdrawn there. For more information on selecting a gradebook see Select a Gradebook and a Marking Period.

Set the Font Color for Withdrawn Students

You can customize how withdrawn students appear in your gradebook. Withdrawn students' data can stand out in red font, or be set to a less notable gray. This setting allows you to choose the display method that works best for you, and it can be changed at any time.

To set the font color for withdrawn students, do the following:

  1. On the side-navigation menu, click Settings, and then click the General Settings tab.
  2. In the Other group box, under Font color for withdrawn students, select either Red or Gray, and then click Save.

    Set Font Color for Withdrawn Students

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