Activate QuickLoad

Using the QuickLoad settings, you can limit the number of days your gradebooks loads. This can result in faster load times and a less cluttered gradebook, so you can focus on the most relevant assignments.

Activate Quickload

To activate QuickLoad, do the following:

  1. On the side-navigation menu, click Settings, and then click the General Settings tab.
  2. In the QuickLoad group box, under When a gradebook for a class is loaded, how many days of columns should be displayed?, do either of the following:

    • Select 1 Day for the fastest page-load.
    • Select [x] Days, in which x is a custom number of days between 1 and 99.
    • QuickLoad Display Settings

      The default setting, All, turns QuickLoad off.

  3. At the top of the General Settings tab, click Save.
  4. When QuickLoad is on, columns are sorted by the Date field in descending order.

Navigate QuickLoad

The following table explains how you can navigate QuickLoad:

QuickLoad Navigation

Task Action
Navigate gradebook columns.

Do any of the following:

  • Click the single arrows to navigate forward or back 10 days.
  • Click the double arrows to navigate to the to the newest or the oldest 10 days.
Load all gradebook columns. Click All to load all columns from the current marking period.
Apply QuickLoad settings to gradebook columns. Click QL to reset QuickLoad to the range that loaded when you opened the gradebook.

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