Customize Category Weighting

By default, category weights are set by the school's TeacherPlus administrator. If enabled by the administrator, teachers can also edit category weights. With category weights you can set the ratio of each assignment type to the marking period total. Each ratio is automatically converted to display the percentage of the marking period average that each category provides.

If you've used a category in more than one marking period, you can't change its weight. This prevents changes to students' averages in marking periods that you've already submitted.

  1. On the side navigation menu, click Grading, and then click the Weighting tab.
  2. Under Category Weighting, select the Weight categories check box to weight your grade categories.
  3. In the Copy Setting to Active Gradebooks dialog box, do either of the following:

    • Click Weight Categories only in this gradebook to weight categories in your open gradebook.
    • Click Weight Categories in all of my active* gradebooks to weight categories in all of the gradebooks that appear in the Gradebooks tab.
  4. In the Weight column, double-click a category weight that you want to change.

    Weight Categories

  5. In the Edit Category dialog box, enter a new value in the Weight box, and then click OK.

    Changing a category weight automatically adjusts category percentages to total 100%. If you change a default category weight, a new category is added in place of the default category. You can delete the new category to return to the default category of the same name. Categories with an asterisk are default categories set in the TeacherPlus Management Site. You can't delete a category that is in use.

  6. Once you've finished editing weights, click Save & Recalculate.