How Weighting Works

The most direct way to determine the importance of an assignment is by setting an appropriate number of Possible Points; however, if you want the difference in importance to be determined by assignment column, by assignment category, or by marking period, you can achieve this using weighting.

Weighting Type Summary

Weighting in the TeacherPlus Gradebook consists of the following three weighting types:

Weighting Type Definition
Category Weighting

Determine the relative value of assignment column categories, such as Quiz, Test, and Homework.

Column Weighting

Determine the relative value of individual assignment columns.

Marking Period Weighting

Determine the relative value of each individual marking period.

Category Weighting

When you add an assignment column to your gradebook, you set a category. This category's weight determines what percentage it contributes towards the overall class average. Category weights that you set are automatically translated into percentages. Your TeacherPlus administrator determines whether or not categories can be weighted as well as if you can edit those weights.

To manage categories, complete any of the any of the following tasks:

To manage category weights, complete the following task:

Column Weighting

When column weighting is active, you can assign a column weight to each assignment column in your gradebook. The default weight is 1. You have full control of individual column weights in your gradebooks as long as your TeacherPlus administrator has made them available.

To manage column weights, do the following task:

Marking Period Weighting

You can weight marking periods individually, or you can combine marking periods to equalize marking period weights and rely on category and/or column weighting. If you want to assign any number of possible points to your score columns and still have each column be worth the same before weighting, you can convert scores to a percentage before calculating marking period averages.

To manage marking period weights, complete the following task:

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