Teacher Evaluator User Guide for Administrators

This user guide is for administrators using Teacher Evaluator. With an administrator account, you can create evaluation forms and use them to evaluate teacher and group head accounts. Teachers and group heads won't see your evaluation of them in their Teacher Evaluator account unless you submit the evaluation.

As an administrator, you can do the following:

  • Add timestamps to indicate how long an evaluation takes to complete.
  • Allow another user to view or edit an evaluation you are working on.
  • Compare your selections on a current evaluation to past evaluations.
  • Share a form you created with other users so they can create evaluations with it.
  • Create a goal for a user to work towards.
  • View the average evaluation scores of your schools and groups.
  • View the users whose evaluation scores place them in the top and bottom five.
  • Generate reports on your evaluation and user data.
  • Print an evaluation.

To do any of the tasks mentioned above or to see other tasks you can accomplish with Teacher Evaluator, see the guide navigation menu.

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