The Permission Set

The page permissions set includes the following permissions:

Permissions Controls
View Navigate to a page and view its content.
View Versions View a record of page versions and previous versions of the page.
View Page in Sitemap View a page in sitemaps or in the site search.
Preview Page As User Preview what the current page will look like at a set time for a selected user.
Edit Properties Change settings in the Page Properties menu.
Edit Contents

Edit selected contents of the page.

Specific blocks can have their own permissions, independent of the Edit Contents permission.

Edit Speed Settings Change caching settings to optimize page load times.
Change Theme Change the theme for the current page.
Change Page Template Change the page template for the current page.
Edit Page Type Change the page type of the current page.
Edit Permissions

Change permissions for the current page.

Granting a user the ability to edit permissions allows them to give themselves more access.

Delete Move this page to the trash.
Delete Versions Remove past versions of the current page.
Approve Changes Publish a version of the current page that is pending approval.
Add Sub-Page Add pages below the current page in the site hierarchy.
Move or Copy Page Move or copy the current page to another part of your RediSite.
Schedule Guest Access Set view settings for users in the Guest group, including anonymous users.
Edit Multilingual Settings Control access to the multilingual settings menu, and map pages to be ignored in multilingual settings.

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