Edit Page Permissions

To edit a page's permissions settings, do the following:

  1. Under Page Permissions, configure any of the following:

    The Page Permissions Settings

    Page Permissions Settings
    Assign Permissions

    By Area of Site (Hierarchy): Inherit permissions from the parent page.

    From Page Type Defaults: Inherit the default permissions for the page type you set.

    Manually: Edit the current permission set on this page. If you select this setting, see Edit the Current Permission Set.

    When you change these settings, the Confirm Change dialog box appears. Click Ok to accept the changes to the page settings.

    Subpage Permissions

    Inherit the permissions of this page: Subpages inherit the permissions you set for this page.

    Inherit page type default permissions: Subpages inherit the default permissions for the page types you assign to them.

    Current Permission Set

    See Edit the Current Permission Set.

    These are configurable if you selected Assign Permissions: Manually.

  2. Click Save Changes as you configure your permissions.

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