Edit the Current Permission Set

If you select Assign Permissions: Manually during the process started in Access Page Permissions, the Current Permission Set grid becomes editable.

To edit the page's permissions, do the following:

  1. In the Current Permission Set grid, click the permission that you want to edit (in this case, View).

    Open Permissions Dialog Box

    The permissions listed become blue links when Assign Permissions is set to Manually. For more information on what each permission controls, see The Permission Set, or click Permission Info Icon in the dialog box for the selected permission.

  2. In the dialog box for the selected permission (in this case, View), do any of the following:

    Edit Permissions Set

  3. Permissions Controls

    Add a user or a user group to the Included or Excluded rule.

    To continue this process, proceed to Add a Permissions Rule.

    Access Time Settings

    Set an access time and/or date range for the user or user group you added.

    If a time and/or date range is already set, the clock icon will be blue. You can edit this at any time.

    Remove User/Group Icon Remove a user or a user group from the Included or Excluded rule.

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