The Page Settings Menu

The contents of the Page Settings menu may vary from page to page on your site, depending on the page type you assigned when creating each page. However, the overall structure of the menu is consistent.

On the left side of the toolbar, click The Page Settings Menu Icon to open the Page Settings menu.

The Page Settings menu opens to the Composer.

The Page Settings Menu

Page Settings Menu Categories
Composer Edit the page Basics and Content via a form.
Design Select a Page Template and Theme.
SEO Edit Search Engine Optimization (SEO) fields.
Location Edit the location of this page in your RediSite sitemap.
Attributes Edit basic page attributes such as Name, Created Time, Author, Description; or edit additional attributes in SEO, Navigation and Indexing, Blog Post Settings, Menu Settings, and Other.
Caching Edit the cache settings on a page-by-page basis. Caching can improve load times for RediSite pages on return visits.
Permissions Edit the settings controlling which users and user groups can edit a RediSite page.
Versions View a list of previous page changes and Approve, Duplicate, or create a New Page based on a previous version.
Mobile Preview Preview the user experience provided by your RediSite on a variety of devices. Devices are grouped into Phone and Tablet categories. The device layout can be set to Portrait or Landscape.
View as User Preview the current page as either a Guest or a Site User. You can also preview the page at a specific Date / Time.
Delete Page Remove the page from your RediSite.

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