Navigate and Search Your Site

When you are logged in to edit your school's RediSite, you can navigate as you would when viewing the site. You have access to the toolbar and dashboard on everypage. In addition, you have access to sitemap and search features that can simplify site navigation.

Site Navigation

Navigation Method Location Purpose Topic
Pages Menu Sitemap Toolbar

Quick access to core sitemap features

Ideal for quickly navigating to main pages or viewing the sitemap from the current page

Navigate by Sitemap
Full Sitemap Dashboard

Full access to sitemap features and configuration options

Ideal for navigating through many subdirectories or accessing system pages

Flat View Sitemap Dashboard

Simplified sitemap that is limited to one directory level per page

Ideal for navigating through subdirectories on very large sites

Site Search

Search Method Location Purpose Topic
RediSite Search Toolbar

Quick access to public pages and site settings through intelligent search

Ideal for accessing public pages and site settings by keyword

Search RediSite Pages and Settings
Sitemap Page Search Dashboard

Basic search by keyword or advanced search by page attributes

Ideal for locating groups of pages by a common feature

Search Sitemap Pages

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