User Groups

When you add a user, you can assign them to a user group based on the permissions you would like to give them. You can change a user's group affiliation at any time. The default groups are Administrators, Editors, Single User, and Store Customer.

Group Rights

Full rights to the entire RediSite.

Full rights to all files.

Full user management rights.

Full page permission rights for managing the rights of other users.


Limited rights to the majority of the RediSite

Rights to their own files and to files in the shared system folder.

No user management rights.

Single User

Default: Only page view rights.

Limited rights to pre-defined pages or tabs on the RediSite.

Rights to their own files and those in the Shared system file folder.

No user management rights.

Administrators can set rights for these users using Page Permission settings. Customizable rights include editing pages, creating pages, and approving changes. If you need assistance, contact RediSite support to customize account-based permissions for these users.

Store Customer Not applicable for most schools.

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