Change Your Password

Using the RediSite Dashboard, you can access your account settings to change your password. Any user, regardless of the permissions granted to their user group, can change their password.

You should send new users a copy of (or a link to) this procedure in your welcome email. They should change the password you set for them the first time they log in. To add a user to RediSite, see Add a User.

To change your password, do the following:

  1. On the RediSite Dashboard, click Welcome, and then click My Account.

    The Edit Profile page appears.

  2. In New Password, type a new password.

  3. In Confirm New Password, type your new password again.

    Passwords must be at least five characters long. Other than the length requirement, RediSite does not have password security requirements, so be sure to review best practices and choose a secure password.

    Change Password

  4. Click Save.

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