Log In to RediSite

You can log in to your school's RediSite to customize and edit your site's settings, pages, sitemap, and users.

To log in to your school's RediSite, do the following:

  1. In your browser's address bar, type your RediSite URL with "/login" at the end, and then press Enter.


    For the school "Rediker Academy" with the RediSite URL www.RedikerAcademy.com, the login address would be www.RedikerAcademy.com/login.

    If your RediSite isn't live, you must have the URL for the development login.

  2. On the Sign In page, type your Email Address and Password, and then click Log in.

    A welcome page opens. From this page you can navigate your RediSite using the Toolbar. For more information, see The Toolbar.

    If you're going to be accessing your RediSite frequently, you can select the Stay signed in for two weeks check box before you click Log in. If you forget your password, you can click Forgot Password.

    Sign In Page

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