The Dashboard

The Dashboard contains links to site-wide settings, reports, and management options. You can open the Dashboard from any RediSite page to access these links.

To open the Dashboard, on the right side of the toolbar, click The Dashboard Icon.

You can access a full page view of the Dashboard by entering your RediSite URL into your browser's address bar with "/dashboard" at the end. For example, the URL for Rediker Academy would be

The RediSite Dashboard

RediSite Dashboard Categories

Return to the Welcome page to access My Pages and My Account.

Sitemap View RediSite pages and site structure with the Full Sitemap, Flat View, or the Page Search feature.

Organize, upload, and delete asset files from the File Manager.

Asset files are generally images and documents. Certain file types and sizes, including videos, can't be uploaded to your RediSite.

Members Add new users, edit user properties, and export, sort, or search the Search Users list.
Reports View and export RediSite data including Form Results, Surveys, and Logs.
System & Settings Customize site-wide settings including the Basics, or more in-depth SEO & Statistics and Optimization settings.

Add new links, delete outdated links, manage link categories, and sort or search the Links list.

You can control the contents of the Quick Links menu from the Links list.

Social Feed Manager

Edit the list of social media feeds connected to your RediSite. You can configure individual social media accounts using Social Feed Settings.

You must set up social media feeds to use RediSite's social media blocks. These feeds can only be configured after your school's RediSite goes live.

Event Manager

Edit the RediSite calendar. You can create events, edit existing events, and delete events. You can also create Calendars, Categories, and Event Types, manage external calendar Feeds, and configure Event Manager Settings.

Announcements Manager Edit RediSite announcements. You can create announcements, edit existing announcements, and delete announcements. You can also create Categories and manage external Announcement Feeds, which includes importing announcement events from your school's PlusPortals.