Add Container Layouts

Container Layouts give you control over the structure of your RediSite pages. You can nest layouts within other layouts, allowing you to create complex page structures. After you've added a layout, you can add blocks to the resulting Column Areas. For more information on adding blocks, see Add Blocks to a Page. You can also customize the Column Areas you create through this process. For more information, see Block and Area Design and Edit Block and Area Design.

To add a container layout to a RediSite page, do the following:

  1. In Edit Mode, click the block area label, and then click Add Layout.

    Add Container Layout

  2. In the grid layout settings box, do the following:

    Add Layout Controls

    Container Layout Controls

    Set the Grid type.

    For most RediSite configurations, you can choose from Free-Form Layout or Twitter Bootstrap.

    B Set the number of Columns in the grid.
    C (Optional) If you selected Free-Form Layout for the Grid, you can set the Spacing between columns.
    D (Optional) To lock or unlock column width adjustment, click The Lock Icon.
    E (Optional) To adjust the default column width, click and drag the sliders.

  3. Once the grid is arranged, click Add Layout.

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