Add Blocks to a Page

Once you've added a page to your RediSite, you can add page content. Page content is added as blocks. Blocks are stacked in the block area in containers. You can add blocks from the Toolbar, or directly on the page.

For more information on containers and container layouts, see Add Container Layouts.

Add Blocks from the Toolbar

The RediSite Toolbar provides immediate access to the Blocks menu.

  1. On the RediSite Toolbar, click Add Contents Menu Plus Sign Icon.
  2. In the Blocks menu, click and drag a block to the block area.

    Click and Drag a Block

    Areas of the page outlined with light blue above and below are global areas. Avoid adding content to those areas, as any changes to global areas will affect your entire site.

Add Blocks Directly to the Page

If you're already in edit mode, you can add a block directly to the block area.

Blocks added this way appear below the other blocks in the block area. If you want the block in a different location, you can move the block within the block area after it has been added.

  1. While in edit mode, click the Block Area label (in this case Main), and then click Add Block.

    Add Block Directly

  2. In the Blocks menu, click the block that you want to add to the block area.