Add a Location

In the Contact Directory Manager, locations can be assigned their own contact information. These locations can then be assigned to contacts in the Contact Manager, providing contact information to all related contacts.


If a contact works in the admissions office, and much of their contact information is shared within the office, you can add an Admissions Office location and add the contact information to it. Once the location is added to the Location Manager, you can assign it to everyone who works in the admissions office. Adding contact information by creating a location doesn't prevent you from adding contact information directly to a contact.

To add a location to the Location Manager, do the following:

  1. On the right side of the toolbar, click The Dashboard Button.
  2. In the Dashboard, click Contact Directory Manager.

    The Contact Directory Manager page opens.

  3. On the Contact Directory Manager page, click Location Manager.

    Location Manager

  4. On the Location Manager page, click Add Location.
  5. On the Add Location page, add the location details:

    Add Location Details

    Location Details
    Place Name (Required) Enter full location name.
    Address Enter the location's address.
    Add Location Image Icon Select an image of the location, or an image that represents the location.
    Phone Number Enter a primary telephone number.
    Phone Extension Enter an extension for the primary telephone number.
    Fax Number Enter the fax number for the location.
    Website Address Enter the full URL for the location.
    Category Tags

    Select one or more user category tags to identify this location's role in your school.

    This is an optional, but recommended, field. These tags allow you to sort and filter your school's contact list.

    Internal Page Select a page within your RediSite for the location.
    Google Maps URL

    Paste the Google Maps sharing URL for the location.


    A Google Maps location sharing URL generated for Rediker Software is

    For more information on sharing a Google Maps location, see the Google Maps Help center article "Share a map or directions with others."

    Facebook Page Paste the URL for the location's Facebook page.
    Instagram Paste the URL for the location's Instagram page.
    Related Contacts View contacts that list this location in their contact information.
  6. Click Add Location and back to list


    Click Add Location and stay.

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