Add an Announcement List

The announcement block for your RediSite is called the Announcement List block. You can add this block throughout your RediSite and configure it each time you add it to a new location.


If your school has a Math Team page on your RediSite, you can configure the block to Filter by Categories: Math Team.

If you want to archive past announcements, you can create an Announcements Archive page with List Type: Past Announcements.

To add an Announcement List, do the following:

  1. On the page you want to add the Announcement List to, click Add Contents Menu Plus Sign Icon.
  2. In the Blocks menu, under Announcements, click and drag the Announcement List block to the block area.

    The Add Announcement List dialog box opens.

    Areas of the page outlined with light blue above and below are global areas. Avoid adding content to those areas, as any changes to global areas will affect your entire site.

  3. In the Add Announcement List dialog box, configure the settings in the table below:

    Add Announcement List

    Add Announcement List Settings
    List type

    Current Announcements: Announcements within the active date range.

    Past Announcements: Announcements past the set end date.

    Alert type

    Show both alerts and non-alerts: All announcement types.

    Only alerts: Only alert announcements.

    Filter By Categories

    Leave this field blank to include all announcements.


    Select one or more announcement categories to display in the announcement list.

    Filter By Feed

    All Feeds: Include all feeds from PlusPortals or other RediSites.

    [Your Feeds]: Select any active PlusPortals and/or RediSite feed.

    Number of announcements to display

    Enter 0 to display all announcements.


    Set an announcement limit.

    Display pagination

    Select this check box to add page controls that allow users to access hidden announcements.

    Maximum number of pages to display

    This setting is hidden until you select the Display pagination check box.

    Enter 0 to display all pages.


    Set a page limit.

    Display text when no announcements Type the placeholder text that displays when none of your announcements match the feed settings.
    Display Truncated Description Select this check box to truncate announcement descriptions, and then set the character limit.
  4. Click Add.

    The standard Announcement List block appears on the page. If you want to edit the block template, see Edit the Announcement List Template.

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