Add a Page Using the Sitemap

There are two ways to add a new page to your RediSite. You can add a page directly to the sitemap, or you can add a page through the New Page menu.

To add a new page to the sitemap, do the following:

  1. On the RediSite Dashboard, click Sitemap.
  2. On the Full Sitemap or Flat View page, do one of the following:

    • To add a page to the home directory, click Home, and then click Add Page.
    • To add a page to an existing subdirectory, click the folder that you want to be the parent of your new page, and then click Add Page.
    • To add a page to a new subdirectory, click the page that you want to convert to a parent directory, and then click Add Page.

      The file/page icon will be changed to a folder icon the next time the page loads.

  3. In the Add Page dialog box, click Page.

    This is the page type you should use. In many cases, you won't have permission to select the other page types.

  4. In the Add Page dialog box, under Basics, specify the following settings:

    Add Page Basics

    A (Required) Page Name: the page heading as well as the meta title that appears in search results and your browser tab
    B (Recommended) Description: the page meta description that is displayed under the meta title and URL in search results

    (Optional) URL Slug: generated automatically based on the Page Name that you enter

    This process converts the title by changing every letter to lowercase, replacing spaces with hyphens, and excluding stop words (a, an, the, to etc.). Generally, you should keep the default, search engine optimized URL slug; however, you can edit this field if needed. If you edit this field, you should continue to use only lowercase letters (hyphens are always added automatically).

    D (Required) Page Template: the visual layout of the new page. Choose Full, Right Sidebar, and Blank.
    E (Required) Page Location: the page position in the sitemap
    F (Optional) Interior Page Splash Image: a full-width image under the site navigation and above the page heading
  5. In the Add Page dialog box, under Content, use the Rich Text Editor to add content to the page Body.
  6. Below the Add Page dialog box, do one of the following:

    • Click Edit Mode to continue customizing the page.
    • Click Publish Page to immediately publish the page.
    • Next to Publish Page, click Schedule Publishing Clock, and then, in the Schedule Publishing dialog box, set the Date/Time and click Schedule.

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