Review or Reset a Quiz

Using the E-Locker, you can review quizzes that students have taken, and, if necessary, reset quizzes. Resetting a quiz deletes the student's previous submission, allowing that student to retake the quiz.

When you reset a quiz, you delete the student's submitted quiz. Quiz data is not stored. To keep a record of the deleted attempt, print the quiz from Quiz Results before you reset the quiz.

To review and/or reset a quiz, follow these steps:

  1. On the Master menu, click the E-Locker tab, and then click the Quizzes tab.

  2. If you don't see the E-Locker tab or the Quizzes tab, your PlusPortals administrator has disabled these features.

  3. If you created the quiz using the Lesson Planner, click Show Lesson Planner Quizzes, and then click the Class, Units, and Lesson from the appropriate drop-down lists.

    the Quizzes tab


    If you created the quiz from the Class page, click Show Class Quizzes, and in the Class drop-down list, click a specific class or All Classes.

    the Quizzes tab

    Quizzes submitted by students appear in the list.

    You can filter results by clicking the Filter icon, change the order of items displayed in a column by clicking the column heading, or customize the number of items displayed on the page by clicking an option in the Quizzes per page drop-down list. Use the arrows to navigate between pages.

    the Page Navigation options

  4. Choose one of the following steps:

    • To review a quiz, click Quiz Review Icon in the quiz View column.

      The Quiz Results dialog box appears. Quizzes that need to be reviewed to ensure accurate grading are marked Review Needed.

    • To reset a quiz, click Quiz Reset Icon in the quiz View column, and then click Confirm.

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