Online Meetings

From the Online Meetings panel, you can schedule and manage video-based group meetings with students and parents.

From the Online Meetings panel in their portals, students and parents can view and join meetings they've been invited to.

For you, students, and/or parents to see the Online Meetings panel, your PlusPortals administrator must enable the feature.

See the diagram and table below for details on the Online Meetings panel.

the Online Meetings panel in the TeacherPlus portal

Online Meetings Panel

View all meetings or only meetings for the current day.

B Filter items displayed in a column.
C Schedule meetings using Microsoft Teams links or custom links from any online meeting service.
D Join a meeting.
E Edit (the Edit icon), copy (the Copy icon), or delete (the Delete icon) a meeting.
F Navigate between pages of items.
G Select how many items display per page.

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