Submit a Disciplinary Incident

If permitted by your PlusPortals administrator, you can submit disciplinary incidents for students. Your permissions may be limited to students in your class, or they may include any student in your school. When submitting an incident, you select from a list of predefined infractions, actions, and places. You can also add comments and indicate time served. Submitted incidents are sent to your school's administrative office for approval. Once approved, an incident remains in the student's permanent record.

To submit a disciplinary incident, follow these steps:

  1. On the Home page, click the class the student is in.


  2. On the Section menu, click the Discipline tab.
  3. For more information, see Section Menu. If you don't see the Discipline tab, your PlusPortals administrator has disabled the feature.

  4. If enabled to only submit incidents for students in your class, click a student's name in the View Incidents for drop-down list. To submit an incident for every student in your class, click All Students.

  5. or

    If enabled by your PlusPortals administrator to submit disciplinary incidents for any student in the school, click All Students in School. To select one student, click the student's grade in the Select Grade Level drop-down list, and then click the student in the Select a Student drop-down list. To select all students in a grade, click All Students in School, click the students' grade in the Select Grade Level drop-down list, and then click All Students.

  6. Scroll down to the Incident Submittal panel and click Add.

    Incident Submittal Panel

  7. The New Incident Form dialog box opens.

    Set Incident Date

  8. Next to Incident Date, type the date the incident took place, or click the Calendar icon and select the date. This date defaults to the current date.
  9. The Follow-up date is used by your school's administrative office to communicate with parents concerning the incident. The follow-up date defaults to the current date. Leave this date the same as the current date unless your school administrator indicates otherwise.

  10. On the Infraction panel, click Add, click an infraction type, and then click Select.

    If you are adding multiple infractions to the incident, add the most serious infraction first.

    The infraction appears in the Infraction panel. If your school administrator has assigned actions to the infractions, an action automatically appears in the Action panel. Actions are assigned to infractions based on your school's policies.

    Although you can edit the number and types of actions related to an infraction, consult your school's policy first.

  11. Optional: On the Action panel, click Change Date to set a date for the action to occur. For example, if the action is detention, you can set the date the student serves detention.
  12. Optional: If other teachers were involved in the incident, click Add on the Teacher panel, click the teacher's name in the list, and then click Select.
  13. In the Place panel, click Add, click the location where the incident occurred, and then click Select.
  14. Optional: Type comments related to the infraction in the Comment panel.
  15. Use caution when typing comments. When the incident is reviewed and approved by your school administrator, your comments will be posted to the parent portal.

  16. If the student has completed the assigned action, you can indicate when and how the action was completed using the following steps:
    • On the Served panel, click Add.
    • Next to Select Date, type the date the student completed the action, or clickthe Calendar iconand select the date.
    • In the list, click the action completed by the student, and then click Select.
  17. Leave the Served section blank. This section is filled out by the office after the student serves the action.
  18. Optional: To print the form, click Print.
  19. When you are finished with the report, do one of the following:
    • To save the incident and complete it later, click Save, and then click OK.
    • To return to the Discipline page, click Done, and then click OK.

      If you click Done without saving the incident, the information you entered is lost.

    • To submit the incident, click Submit at the bottom of the page, click Yes to confirm that you want to submit the incident, and then click OK.
    • The incident does not appear in the parent portal until it is approved by your school administrators.

To return to an incident form you've saved, click Discipline on the Section menu. In the View Incidents for drop-down list, click the student's name. Scroll down to the Incident Submittal panel where the incident forms are listed. You can view (the View Details icon), print (the Print icon), edit (the Print icon), delete (the Delete icon), or submit (the Submit icon) the incident.

You can view all disciplinary incidents for a specific period of time. Next to the View Incidents for drop-down list, click All Students, click the Calendar icon to specify the range of dates you want to view, and then click Show Incidents. If enabled by your PlusPortals administrator, you can view incidents for all students in a grade. Next to View Incidents for, click All Students in School select the grade from the Select Grade Level drop-down list, and click All Students. You can also view, edit, delete, or submit incident forms on the Students tab. For details, see View Student Information.

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