Add a Quiz to a Lesson

You can create a quiz and add it to a lesson. Students can then take the quiz from their student portal.

Building a quiz involves creating sections for the quiz, adding questions to each section, and setting the point value for each question. You can choose from several question formats, including multiple choice, essay, file upload, and true or false.


Before you can add a quiz to a lesson, you must complete the following tasks:

Define Quiz Settings

To begin building your quiz, follow these steps:

  1. On the Home page, click the class that contains the lesson you are adding the quiz to.


  2. On the Section menu, click the Lesson Planner tab.
  3. For more information, see Section Menu. If you don't see the Lesson Planner tab, your PlusPortals administrator has disabled the feature.

  4. On the Unit panel, click the lesson title to expand it.

    lesson expanded

  5. Scroll down to Activities, click Add New > Quiz, click Create new Quiz, and then click Next.

    The Quiz Builder opens.

    Quiz Description

    To use an existing quiz, click Copy Quiz from another lesson and select the quiz.

  6. Type a Title and Description for the quiz.
  7. In Duration, type the length of time in minutes that students have to complete the quiz. A counter in the student portal displays the time students have left. If you do not specify a duration, the quiz has no time limit.


    Typing 10 in Duration gives students 10 total minutes to complete the quiz. A student could spend five minutes taking the quiz, save it, and return later with five minutes left to finish the quiz.

  8. Next to Due Date, type the last day students can take the quiz, or click the Calendar icon to select the day.

  9. If you want parents and students to see the quiz, select the Visible to Parents and Students check box. Next to Publish Date, type the first day students can view and take the quiz, or click the Calendar iconto select the day.
  10. To allow students to take the quiz multiple times, select the Allow Students to attempt multiple times check box.
  11. To allow parents and students to see the quiz score, select the Score visible to Parents and Students check box.
  12. To allow parents and students to see the reviewed quiz, select the Make reviewed quiz visible to Parents and Students check box.
  13. If adding the assignment to the Gradebook, select the Add to Gradebook as Assignment check box and define the following settings:
    • In the Category drop-down list, click an assignment category.
    • In the Marking Period drop-down list, click a marking period.
    • In Maximum Possible Points, type the maximum number of points for the assignment.
    • Select the Count in Averages check box to count in averages.

    Assignment categories are set in the Gradebook.

  14. Click Next: Add/Edit Section to save your settings and proceed to adding sections to the quiz.

Add Sections to a Quiz

When you click Next: Add/Edit Section, the Add/Edit Section panel opens.

  1. Type a Description for the section.
  2. To present the questions to each student in a different order, select the Randomize Questions check box.
  3. Click Save, and then click OK.
  4. The section appears in the Description list.

  5. To create another section, click New Section and repeat the previous three steps.
  6. To add questions to the section, click Next: Add/Edit Question.

Add Questions to a Section

When you click Next: Add/Edit Question, the Add/Edit Question panel opens.

  1. In the Question Type drop-down list, click a question type.
  2. Type the Question and the number of Points the question is worth.
  3. For True or False questions or Multiple Choice, do the following:

    • For True or False, type two answers, and click Set as correct answer next to the correct answer.

      the Add Edit Question dialog box

    • For multiple choice questions, type an Answer, click Add another answer to continue adding answers, and click Set as correct answer next to the correct answer.

      the Add Edit Question dialog box

      You can set partial credit values for answers to Multiple Choice Multiple Answers questions by selecting the Allow partial credit for correct answers check box and typing a partial credit value in Score for each correct answer.

    • For any question types, you can select the Randomize Choices check box to randomize all possible answers.
  4. Click Save, and then click OK.
  5. The question appears in the Show Questions panel.

    the Show Questions panel

  6. To add another question, repeat the preceding steps.
  7. Edit or delete questions by clicking Edit or Delete next to the question in the Show Questions panel.

  8. When you've added all questions to the section, do one of the following:
    • Click Back to Quiz Section to create additional sections and questions.
    • Click Back to Lesson Planner to quit the Quiz Builder and return to the Lesson Planner tab.

      The quiz appears in the Activities panel for the lesson.

      Edit the quiz by clicking the Edit icon, delete the quiz by clicking the Delete icon, or preview the quiz by clicking the Preview icon.

After you've added the quiz, students can take the quiz in the Activities section of their portal lesson plan.

Student Quiz

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