Add Content to a Lesson

After you add a lesson to a unit, you can add content to the lesson. You can add a variety of content types to your lesson, including an overview, lesson objective, homework assignments, quizzes, documents, links and skills.


Before you can add content to a lesson, you must complete the following tasks:

Add Content

To add content to a lesson, follow these steps:

  1. On the Home page, click the class that contains the lesson plan you are adding the content to.


  2. On the Section menu, click the Lesson Planner tab.
  3. For more information, see Section Menu. If you don't see the Lesson Planner tab, your PlusPortals administrator has disabled the feature.

  4. On the Unit panel, click the lesson title to expand it.

    lesson expanded

  5. See the table below to add specific types of content.

    To Do This
    Add a lesson overview and/or objectives Next to Overview/Objective, click Edit, type the necessary information, and click Save.
    Add homework Scroll down to Activities, click Add New > Homework/Assignment. In the New Homework/Assignment dialog box, type the necessary information (including visibility settings), click Save, and then click OK.
    Add a quiz For detailed instructions, see Add a Quiz to a Lesson.
    Add a document or link

    Scroll down to Digital Resources, click Add New > Document or Link. Type the necessary information, and then click Save.

    The file size limit for document uploads is 50 MB.

    Add skills Scroll down to Skills and Standards, click Add New, click the skill, and then click Select. Repeat this step to add more skills. To add several consecutive skills at once, click the first and last skill while pressing Shift.

    Skills and standards only appear for schools that use them. You can only select from the list of available skills created by your school.

To edit or delete items, click Quiz Edit Iconor Quiz Delete Icon respectively.

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