The Lesson Planner

Using the Lesson Planner, you can build lesson plans for your classes, share your lesson plans with students and parents, and use your lesson plans for your other classes in the current year or for the same class next year.

You will only see the Lesson Planner tab if your PlusPortals administrator has enabled it.

How the Lesson Planner Works

Lesson plans are organized into units that contain lessons. The lessons contain content such as an overview (or objective), homework, assignments, online quizzes, or other learning resources related to the lesson. You create the units, add lessons to the units, and then add content to the lessons.


You want to create a lesson plan for a math class that includes a unit on fractions. You could start by creating a unit called "Working with Fractions". Next, you might add two lessons, "Adding Fractions" and “Subtracting Fractions”, to the unit. To each of these lessons, you could then add the appropriate content.

Lesson Planner Panels

The Lesson Planner is divided into panels. The Units and Lesson Plans panel provides a table of contents for navigating your units and lessons. Each unit also has a panel. From the Unit panel, you can add lessons to units as well as edit, copy, delete, or print units and lessons.

The diagram and table below provide an overview of the Lesson Planner panels.

Unit and Lesson Plan Panels

  Overview of the Lesson Planner Panels
A Display the Lesson Planner tab.
B Add a new unit to the lesson plan. See Add a Unit to the Lesson Plan.
C Click the arrow next to a unit to display the lessons assigned to it.
D Add content to a lesson. See Add Content to a Lesson or Add a Quiz to a Lesson.
E Add teacher resources.
F Create or edit a lesson overview or objective. When clicked, Edit is replaced with Save. See Add Content to a Lesson.
G Add content to a lesson. See Add Content to a Lesson or Add a Quiz to a Lesson.
H Edit a unit, copy a unit to another lesson planner, delete a unit and its lessons, print a unit, or add a lesson to a unit.
I When a lesson is expanded, you can edit the lesson, copy it to a different section, delete it, or print it.
J Format the text of the overview or objective, and add hyperlinks, images, tables, and YouTube videos.