TeacherPlus Portal User Guide

This topic is an introduction to the TeacherPlus Portal User Guide, which provides teachers with step-by-step instructions for using their portal to manage their classes and share information with parents and students.

Some of the tasks you can perform from your teacher portal include the following:

  • View school-wide announcements, calendar events, links, and files
  • Access the Gradebook
  • Post classroom calendar events
  • Create lesson plans and share them with parents and students
  • Create class pages that contain announcements, assignments, quizzes, discussions, files, and links
  • Collect homework and quizzes
  • Communicate with students, parents, and other staff using email and messages
  • View and manage group calendars and pages
  • Review and approve student course requests and make course recommendations
  • View and submit disciplinary incidents

For information on configuring the teacher, parent, and student portals, see the PlusPortals Manager User Guide.

To learn more about the TeacherPlus Gradebook, see the TeacherPlus Gradebook HTML5 User Guide or the TeacherPlus Silverlight User Guide.

To learn more about the parent and student portals, check out the interactive guides at the Rediker Support site.

For log-in instructions, see Log in to Your Teacher Portal. For an overview of your teacher portal, see the Get Started chapter.