Add a Homework Assignment

When you add homework to a class, you can specify the date and duration the assignment is visible to students and if you want the assignment to be visible to parents. You can attach links and files to the assignment and add the assignment to the Gradebook. In addition to sending an email notification to students and/or parents, you can post the assignment to your portal calendar as well as the portal calendars for students and parents.

To copy homework from another class, see Copy a Homework Assignment.

To create homework and add it to a class, follow these steps:

  1. On the Home page, click the class you want to add the homework to.


  2. On the Overview tab, scroll down to the Homework/Assignment panel.
  3. In the Add drop-down list, click Homework/Assignment.

    Homework/Assignment panel

  4. In the New Homework/Assignment dialog box, type a Title and Description for the homework.

    New Homework Assignment dialog box

  5. To make the homework visible to students and parents in their portals, select the Visible to Parents and Students check box.
  6. Next to Due Date, type the homework due date, or click the calendar icon to select the date.
  7. Next to Visible From and To, type the range of dates you want the homework to be visible to students and parents in their portals, or click the calendar icon to select the date range.
  8. To share a link with students, type the link in Link URL and type a link title in Link Text.
  9. To attach a file, click Attach File From.
  10. You can select multiple files by pressing Ctrl while clicking the files you want to upload.

    The file size limit for attachment uploads is 50 MB.

  11. In Select Sections, select the check box for each class you want to add the homework to.
  12. Select the Post to Calendar check box to add the homework to your portal calendar.
  13. To add the homework to the parent and student portal calendars, select the corresponding check boxes next to Visible To.
  14. You can assign an event category to the homework, which you can use to filter the events displaying in the calendar. To assign an event category, click an option in the Category drop-down list.
  15. You can configure the calendar settings mentioned in the previous three steps to be the same for all homework you create. In the upper-right corner of your portal, click the arrow next to your name, click Settings, configure the settings under Homework, and then click OK to save your changes.

  16. If adding the assignment to the Gradebook, select the Add to Gradebook as Assignment check box, select an assignment category and a marking period, and set the maximum number of points for the assignment. The assignment displays in the Gradebook as a new column.

    Assignment categories are set in the Gradebook.

  17. Select the Count in Averages check box to count in averages.
  18. Select the Send E-Mail Notification check box to send a notification to students and parents.
  19. Click Save, and then click OK.

    The homework appears in the Homework/Assignment panel.

    To hide the homework from parents and students, click the Hide Homework icon. To make the homework visible, clickthe Make Homework Visible icon.

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