Section Menu

When you open a class page, the Section menu appears at the top with the Overview tab displayed by default. Your PlusPortals administrator determines the remaining tabs that display in your Section menu. The table below describes the Section tabs.

the Section menu

Section Menu Tabs Overview

Add, edit, and delete the class summary, homework, quizzes, class announcements, and class resources (such as links and files). See Overview Tab.

Lesson Planner Create units and lesson plans, add learning objectives and resources, and share your lesson plans with students and parents. See The Lesson Planner.
Turn-ins Access homework assignments submitted by students. See Collect Homework.
Discipline View a student's discipline history and submit incident reports to the main office. See Submit a Disciplinary Incident.

View score information from the TeacherPlus Gradebook for all classes, including classes taught by other teachers. The information includes final exam scores and final grades, class averages, and individual scores for tests, quizzes, and homework. You can also view students with no posted scores.

Attendance View class absence and tardy totals and attendance trends by date and month. See View Attendance Trends.
Students Click a photo to view a student's demographics, schedule, recent grades and scores, progress, attendance, and discipline history. See View Student Information.
Progress Reports View your students' progress reports from the Gradebook. See View Progress Reports.
Resources Add, edit, and delete class links and files.
Announcements Manage announcements. See Post a Class Announcement or an Alert, Edit a Class Announcement or an Alert, and Delete a Class Announcement or an Alert.

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