Course Request Process

The process of creating, completing, and approving course requests follows the order described below:

  1. Your PlusPortals administrator creates a course request form and publishes it for students to view. The course request form may include course descriptions created by teachers and/or other staff members to help students select the appropriate courses. See Create a Course Description.
  2. If enabled by their PlusPortals administrator, teachers can recommend courses they teach to students. The course recommendations only appear in the students' course request forms if the recommended courses are offered to the students. See Recommend Courses for Students.
  3. Students complete their course request forms.
  4. Parents have the option of approving and commenting on their children's course selections.
  5. A reviewer, such as a teacher or staff member, reviews, approves, and sends the course request forms to the school administrative office for processing. See Review and Approve Course Requests.

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