StudentPlus Portal Web Application User Guide

The StudentPlus Portal Web Application User Guide provides an overview of the student portal web application and describes the following types of tasks:

  • Getting started tasks: Activate your account, log in to your portal, and learn more about portal features.
  • Class page tasks: View information posted to a class page and submit coursework from a class page.
  • Coursework tasks: View coursework for all your classes, reply to discussions, take quizzes, submit assignments, view submitted coursework, and email your teacher about an assignment or quiz.
  • Grading tasks: View recent scores, grades, and report cards.
  • Performance and progress tasks: View your performance in a class and view class progress reports.
  • Lesson plan tasks: View coursewwork and resources posted to a lesson plan, take lesson plan quizzes, and submit lesson plan assignments.
  • School communication tasks: View school communications and send e-mails and messages.
  • Portal settings: Set e-mail preferences for receiving school communications and progress updates.

For log-in instructions, see Log in to Your Student Portal.