Create a Unit

When you create a unit and assign it to a class, the unit appears in the Lesson Planner for that class. The unit in the administrator’s Unit Builder and the unit in the teacher’s Lesson Planner are the same. Editing the content of a unit in one location automatically updates the other. Teachers can only edit the content of a unit if an admin user with Unit Builder access gives them permission.

To create a new unit, follow these steps:

  1. On the navigation bar, click Setup > Unit Builder.
  2. Click Add a Unit.
  3. In the red box, type a name for the unit.

    Add a Unit

    Unit names can be up to 200 characters. If the entire name doesn't fit in the Unit Name column or if a unit was created or edited by a teacher, an information icon Info Icon appears. Point to the icon to view the full name or to see who created or edited the unit.

  4. Next to the new unit name, click Assign.
  5. In the Assign Unit To Classes dialog box, do one of the following:

    • To add the unit to a course, click Course next to Assign By.
    • To add the unit to a section, click Section next to Assign By.
  6. In the Available list, click the course or section you want to assign the unit to.

    You can hold Ctrl or Shift and click to select multiple courses or sections. You can also select one course or section, hold Shift and then click any course or section below the first to select these courses and every course in-between them.

  7. Click The Right Arrow Icon to move courses or sections to the Selected list, or click The Double Right Arrow Icon to move all courses or sections to the Selected list.

    Assign Unit to Courses

  8. Click Done.
  9. Enter the Start Date and End Date for the unit by clicking Calendar Icon and then the date or by typing the date (mm/dd/yyyy).

    These dates are optional when creating units in the Unit Builder. You can leave them blank for teachers to set.

  10. Click Save Icon to save the unit.

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