Add Links to a Unit

To add links to a unit, follow these steps:

  1. On the navigation bar, click Setup > Unit Builder.
  2. Under Tools, next to the unit you want to edit, click Teacher Resources Folder Icon.

    The Add Teacher Resources dialog box appears.

    Once you add files or links to the Teacher Resources folder, Teacher Resources Folder Icon changes to Folder With Documents Icon to reflect the addition of these resources.

  3. Next to Add, click Links.
  4. Click Add Links.
  5. Add Teacher Resources

  6. In the Add Links dialog box, type a Link Name, URL, and Description.
  7. In the Folder drop-down list, click a folder, or click New to create a new folder.

    Assigning a folder is optional. If you don't choose a folder, your link is saved to the Default Folder.

  8. Click Save.
  9. Add Links

  10. In the Add Teacher Resources dialog box, click Done.

This topic was last updated on February 15, 2019.

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